Serviced Apartment vs Hotel

Serviced Apartment vs Hotel

Going travelling? You’re probably already aware that the most expensive side of travelling from country to country is the accommodation that you stay in.

When you’re hopping from city to city, beach to beach, you need somewhere to get your beauty sleep everywhere you go. However, it can be so difficult to find affordable, comfortable accommodation that keeps you feeling happy while you’re out in the world and seeing it. The hotel industry has been shaken up since the birth of Airbnb, but while not everyone wants to sleep in a chain hotel, not everyone wants to sleep in a stranger’s bed – albeit with clean sheets. Instead, the option leftover is the serviced apartment, which is a concept that is being used more and more by those who are desperately seeking new experiences and a good night’s sleep! The serviced apartment was always meant for business professionals who are on the go and working around the clock; but not anymore.

Serviced Apartment: Say What?

If you smashed together the convenience of the Airbnb with the luxury elements of the humble hotel, you get the serviced apartment. A clean bed, a power shower and all the little things that a hotel can offer. Concierge services, fresh linens every day and the little shampoos that we all love while we travel are all on offer in a serviced apartment.

Spot the difference

With a hotel room, you get the whole ‘studio apartment’ feel as a hotel is essentially a bedroom with a desk, television and comfortable chair, with an ensuite bathroom attached. You may get tea and coffee making facilities, but you don’t get the fully equipped kitchen that a serviced apartment offers you. So, while you get to cook yourself a meal (and the independence to wash your own dishes) that a hotel doesn’t offer you, you get the turndown service and fresh clean sheets that a hotel does offer. As a rule of thumb, staying in a serviced apartment sees you saving 30% on a comparable hotel room.

Flip A Coin

Still stuck on which to choose? Well, it’s going to come down to personal taste. If you’re travelling alone and want to upgrade from being a couch surfer, then the standard hotel room can be everything that you need. However, if you’re travelling in a group, the serviced apartment is an option that makes financial sense for everyone. The days of just business travellers exploiting serviced apartments are over.

Either way, you still get the little shampoo bottles, and that’s what really counts when you’re travelling. Free souvenirs, right?


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