How to be a hands-off Airbnb Landlord?

How to be a hands-off Airbnb Landlord?

Running a successful Airbnb rental can highly stressful – there’s usually not enough time in a single day to deal with current guests checking in, ongoing cleaning and maintenance, booking management and communication with future guests. So, you might be wondering how successful hosts with a huge portfolio can manage it at all.

The answer is simple; they use a property management specialise in short term rentals.

Being a hands-off host doesn’t mean you give up control of your Airbnb or you no longer have any input into what happens – it simply means you reap the rewards of your short-term rental without any of the stress. Property management companies can also give you back some precious time, they can also improve efficiency which in turn can increase the profit you gain from your properties.

Can I become a hands-off Airbnb host?

Hands-off hosting isn’t just designed for property owners who are away a lot or have investment rental properties in numerous locations; any host can take the hands-off approach. Once you find the right short term let management company, you can let the professionals do the hard work on your behalf, keeping guests ‘five star’ happy.

Become a completely hands-free host, allowing you to focus on other projects or freeing up your time for personal reasons. You can become a hands-off host whether you use Airbnb to rent out your home, your second home, or if you are an investor with a large portfolio. By utilising professional services you’ll be able to secure better reviews, increase your income and enjoy more free time for yourself.

Quirky Apartments – the most reliable hands-free hosting service

At Quirky Apartments, we’re more than just a property management company; we always go one step further to ensure we’re helping our hosts achieve superior yields and become a successful Airbnb landlord. We’ll hold your hand and guide you through the hosting process from day one – before you’ve even listed your property and, in some occasions, before you have even bought a property.

Of course, we deal with daily operations and booking management but where we really stand out is our high-tech tools and software to improve efficiency. We’ll run a daily pricing review which guarantees you’re getting the best nightly rate for your rental, as well as vetting guests and making your listing stand out from the rest. Quirky Apartments can even help you get the right short let insurance you need to protect your property, so you can be completely hands-off with peace of mind.

Call and speak to one of our apartment specialists today to find out how you can become a hands-off Host.


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