Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent

There is a level of uncertainty that comes with renting out your home to tenants. As a landlord, you want to have peace of mind that there are no void periods, tenant mess to clear up and even periods of unpaid rent. And of course, it would be nice at the end of each month to have some profit leftover to make it all worthwhile. It’s a stress that you really don’t need, and that’s why we offer guaranteed rent. Landlords need to know that they are covered and are the tenant dreams are made of.

How does it work? become the landlord’s tenant, paying the landlord a higher rental income than what they’re are currently achieving. Cover all bills, charge no monthly management fees or setup costs and even maintain the property! We have flexible contract lengths ranging 1-5 years giving landlords peace of mind and no void periods. Our apartments are cleaned twice a week meaning your precious asset is looked after and we are able resolve small issues early on before they become big ones.

See our case studies on our Landlords page to see how much our landlords are saving.

What’s the catch? How do you benefit?

There really isn’t one. We will market your apartment to companies and individuals who need short-term accommodation. Regardless if we manage to fill your apartment with short term guests you are guaranteed to be paid every month, on time, no if or buts.

Should I stick with what I know and let through an estate agency?

Using an estate agent doesn’t give you the same security and there is no guarantee your property will be let out. Even when the ideal tenant is found, you are hit with countless “administration” costs along with a hefty management charge. The sooner you embrace this new age of letting the sooner you will see your rental yields increase.

Do you only guarantee rent on new apartments?

No! Our criteria is flexible.  We take on all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a new build in the City Centre or a Victorian property in the heart of Clifton.

So, there you have it, a clear-cut choice. Continue having your profits diminished throughout year with unnecessary void periods and fees or get as a tenant to let us do all do all the work, leaving you to enjoy your passive income.

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