10 easy ways to improve your Airbnb Listing

10 easy ways to improve your Airbnb Listing

Airbnb has thousands upon thousands of listings on its website. Whether you need to let your property for some time while you travel, extra financial support or to make the most of your property portfolio, regardless of your reason you need to make sure you stand out! Firstly, congratulations, you’ve dived head first into a whole new world. Secondly, good luck – you are going to need it! In amongst those thousands of listings is your place, your little haven in the world that you’ve chosen to share. With the 10 tips below, you can make it so that your Airbnb design is the one to beat.

Get The Photography Right.

Who is going to click on darky and dingy photographs? No one; they scroll past those listings! Hire a photographer to give your listing the professional look it deserves. Daylight is key so make sure you check the weather before booking them in! It’s the sure-fire way to make your property looking bright and attractive. Lots, and lots, and lots of light.

Take Down Selfies

As beautiful as you no doubt are, none of your guests are coming to visit your home. They are there to see your home. Take down the photos of you and make the space a neutral one.

Be Honest.

Your listing needs to stand out, and accurate dimensions of the space does this in spades, so don’t over inflate the studio apartment in London sound like the football pitch in Chelsea.

Personality, Not Personal

Along with photos, remove all personal items from the space. Add personality with colour and art, not medals of your life achievements. If you’re looking for bang for your buck, make a feature wall with carefully chosen wallpaper.  This is a sure-fire way to change the look for little £££.

Make An Entrance

Add flowers to the entryway and paint the front door a bold colour. Home improvements make your home look cared for; show it off.

Bathe In Bathroom Delights

A clean, crisp bathroom attracts everyone. Bubble baths and relaxation happen there, so add fluffy white towels and a basket of toiletries.

Mirror, Mirror

Did you know that large mirrors add depth to a space and make it look fresh and grand? Now you do, go and buy a new mirror.

One Unique Item

People are sifting through thousands of homes and you need to be eye catching. If you’ve got the view, photograph it well. If you have something that is quirky to the area, good placement and an even better photograph can make your home stand out.

Add Flowers

Fresh flowers in every room look good. Clean, white flowers give an upscale look to any and every room.

Clean House

Clutter needs to be removed from all the rooms and the outside of the home needs to be kept well and tidied up before any guests reach your home. Home improvements start from the outside in, and your exterior Airbnb design needs to be enough to attract people.

Thoughtful and clever home staging can put your Airbnb to the top of the listing. Get a little creative and do more for your guests.


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